Your Club, Your Web Site, the easy way.
Used to control all your members accounts (called a user in Clubsite).
Also used to activate users, edit/delete accounts and control User Groups.
Access Groups
This allows you to control what each user is allowed to do within the Member Area and the Control Panel.
All users are part of an Access Group.
User Groups
Categorize users in the Member Area, these User Groups are also used through the web site to specify events (including programs), gallery images and documents to a particular user group.
Message All Users
Can be used to send a message through My Messages to all users or a group of users.
Users must be logged in to read the any message in My Messages.
User Statistics
Find out how much your Member Area is used (in a form of a graph) or using the Search Logins to find information like who has logged in, when, how many times and even by group
Member News
Add news to the Member Home page for all members to read as soon as they login.
Upload images to the gallery using a simple form. You can also create, edit and delete the images and the folders they are put in to.
GIF, PNG AND JPEG's are supported.
Add events to the calendar including what User Group it is for (optional) and what location it is in.
Events are add to Event Programs automaticly.
Event Programs
Programs can be created that have a type of event (based on a User Group).
Programs can be printed by the users from the Events part of the Member Area.
Notice Board
Notices can be approved for showing in the Member Area and if need can be edited or deleted.
Notices are hidden until approved.
Public Web Site
Used to edit the Public Web Site area including the folders and pages.
Each page can have 1 image added to it.
Control Panel