Your Club, Your Web Site, the easy way.
Member Home
The first place that your members will go to when they login, it shows the latest news, what has happened and other important information.
My Messages
Allows your members to contact each other within the Member Area, it can also be used to contact all members within the club.
Members can veiw events in the calendar, view information about an event (including the location in a Google Map) and print programs made up of events.
Images from past events can be viewed by Members. Images are stored in folder that are dated to events.
Only members can view the Gallery.
Members can download documents like letters, newsletters and prsentations.
Supports Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and PDF formats.
Notice Board
Members are able to create and read other members notices and can be usful for selling items or sharing something with all the members of the club.
All Members are able to get help at any time using the online help avalible from the Member Area menu.
Member Area